96-277r1 - Proposed Change in QErr for SPC-2

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com
Wed Mar 5 00:07:59 PST 1997

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>The reference to ECA (Extended Contingent Allegiance) in this comment leads
>me to believe that the QErr=0 (retain all queued operations) is being confused
>with the QErr=1 (abort all requests and establish a Unit Attention condition 
f>or other initiators) behavior. 

 Definitely not.

>in ways that manage SCSI bus transactions for minimal disruption.  

 No I don't think it was for minimal disruption. I think it was for maximum 

>The problems with QErr=1 in multi-initiator environments are substantial
>enough to deserve some type of warning information in SPC.  Such a warning
>is part of the new SPC-2 text contained in my proposal.

 It seems inappropriate to put in warnings for allowed configurations that 
specific vendors do not wish to implement. If the committee concludes correctly 
or erroneously that a warning is needed, it should eliminate the proposed 
warning by not allowing what it would have warned against.

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