Draft Agenda SCSI Working Group meeting 3/11-12/97

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Tue Mar 4 15:02:15 PST 1997

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Draft Agenda SCSI Working Group Meeting
San Diego, CA -- March 11-12, 1997

1. Opening Remarks
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Attendance and Membership
4. EPI Topics
5. Physical Topics
6. Protocol Topics
   6.1 Add Mode Page for Fibre Channel features (96-195) [Houlder]
   6.2 Command Exception Conditions (95-352r3) [Monia]
   6.3 SIP Message Issues (97-141r0) [Penokie]
   6.4 SAM-2 [Monia]
      6.4.1 Addressing Model for SAM-2 (was REPORT LUNS Issue) (97-122r0)
7. Command Set Topics
   7.1 SPC-2
      7.1.1 SPC Link Event Timeout (96-240r1) [Stephens]
      7.1.2 World Wide Names (97-101r1 and X3T11/96-467r1) [Snively]
      7.1.3 Proposed change in Qerr=1 Behavior in SPC-2 (96-277r1) [Weber]
      7.1.4 Prevent Allow Medium Removal Issue (96-266) [Basham]  {May ‘97}
      7.1.5 Additional Device Types for ASC/ASCQ (97-140r0) [Penokie]
      7.1.6 RESERVE/RELEASE Issues (97-142r0) [Penokie]
8. Other Topics
   8.1 High-Availability Profile [Hagerman]
   8.2 Project Proposal for SCSI Socket/SSL Services (SSS) (97-129r0) [Parker]
   8.3 Review of T0.1 Proposed Resolution to SSA-PH2, SSA-TL2, and SSA-S3P 
       Letter Ballot Comments [Lamers]
9. Meeting Schedule
10. Adjournment

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