Text of SCAM Patent Disclosure Submitted to ANSI

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From:   Charles Monia
        T10 Principle Representative
        Digital Equipment Corporation

Subject:  Text of Patent Disclosure Letter Submitted to ANSI

The following letter was submitted to ANSI to satisfy the requirements of the
ANSI patent policy.

Charles Monia

Begin text of disclosure letter
March 3, 1997

Ms. Anne Caldas
Director, Standards Administration
American National Standards Institute
11 West 42nd Street
New York, New York 10036

Re: Patent Statement in Reference to ANSI standard X3.253-1995 
     and draft proposed amendment X3T10/855A, revision 2

Dear Ms. Caldas:

Digital Equipment Corporation is the owner of U.S. Patent No. 5,586,272,
which we believe is applicable to the American Nationals Standards Institute
(ANSI) standard X3.253-1995 and the draft proposed amendment X3T10/855A,
revision 2, for the SCSI-3 Parallel Interface.

Digital Equipment Corporation agrees upon written request to negotiate a
non-exclusive license under the patent on a non-discriminatory basis and on
reasonable terms and conditions solely for the purpose of implementing the
standard.  Such negotiations will be held with the parties concerned and will
be performed outside the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

This letter does not grant any right to the ANSI with respect to Digital
Equipment Corporation copyrights or intellectual property rights that relate to
the standard and/or draft proposed amendment.

Parties who desire a license for the patent as described above may
obtain further information by contacting:

Ted Faigle
Corporate Licensing Office 
Digital Equipment Corporation
 111 Powdermill Road, MSO2-3/C12
Maynard, MA 01754-1499

Phone: 508-493-8348
FAX:   508-493-9007
Email:  faigle at mail.dec.com
Ted Faigle
Licensing Executive
CC: Members of T10 Standards Committee, c/o Mr. John Lohmeyer, Chairman
Ms. Kate McMillan, NCITS Standards Processing

Ted Faigle
Digital Equipment Corporation
Phone: 508-493-8348
Fax:      508-493-9007
URL:    http://www.digital.com/info/corporate-licensing/
Email: faigle at mail.dec.com
End text of disclosure letter

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