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Tue Mar 4 08:09:00 PST 1997

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>* From the SCSI Reflector (scsi at symbios.com), posted by:
>* Joe_Neaz at stratus.com
>Can someone please tell me where I can find the latest specifications
>for SMART, SAFTE and SES?

I had the same question last night about SMART. After some looking around on 
ftp.symbios.com (you can get there through www.symbios.com), it looks like 
the SCSI-3 spec refers to SMART as "Informational exceptions". Most of the 
info is found on page 118 of the SPC document. I didn't look for SAFTE, but 
I believe I saw a document on enclosure services on the ftp site that 
probably covers SAFTE.

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