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Please note the April 14th reservation cutoff date.

                       Meeting Announcement
             Accredited Standards Committee Meetings
                       (T10 and friends)
                          May 5-9, 1997
                            Hosted by:
                  Digital Equipment Corporation

     LOCATION:           Crowne Plaza
                         1360 Worcester Road
                         Natick, MA 01760
                    Phone:    508-653-8800
                    FAX: 508-653-1708

     ROOM RATE:               $125/night , tax included

     GROUP NAME:              ANSI or X3T10

     RESERVATION CUTOFF DATE:      April 14, 1997

The Crowne Plaza is located in Natick, MA approximately 15 miles west of =
and five minutes off the Massachusetts
Turnpike (I-90).


Shuttle and bus service from Logan Airport to the Crowne Plaza is availab=
The following are some providers:

     Crown Limousine  -- 1-800-442-8084 (cost $32)
     Knight's Airport Limousine -- 1-800-822-5456 (cost $21)
     Logan Express Bus Service -- 1-800-235-6426 (cost $8)

Knight's attempts to transport a full van on each trip, so the service is
somewhat slower than Crown Limousine (although more convenient than Logan
Express).  All limo services require an advance reservation.   Please not=
e that
costs quoted above are subject to change.

The Logan Express Schedule from Logan to Framingham-Natick is as follows:

     Weekdays --    6:30am to 12 midnight, every =AB hour;
     Saturdays --   7am to 11pm, every hour on the hour;
     Sundays --     7am to 1pm, every hour on the hour;
               1pm to 12 midnight, every =AB hour.

Call Logan Express for information on pickup points and return schedules.=
destination is the Logan Express bus stop
in Framingham at Shopper's World about five minutes away from the hotel (=
map below).  Travel time is 30 to 45
 minutes. The Crowne Plaza provides free transportation from the bus stop=
.  For
pickup, call the hotel at the number listed
above upon arrival at the bus stop.

As noted on the map, the hotel is directly across from and within walking
distance of the Natick Mall.  Pedestrian access
is provided to cross Rt. 9. The Mall is fairly large and has a selection =
fast food places.
Car Rental

For those requiring a car but wishing to avoid the hassle of driving to a=
|from the airport, Hertz and Avis vehicles can be rented after arrival at =
hotel.  Arrangements for rental can be made ahead of time by calling the
following numbers:

     Hertz: 1-508-875-1491
     Avis: 1-800-831-2847

The hotel will provide transportation to the pickup location.

Driving from Logan airport:

As you exit from Logan Airport, you want to turn left (South on 1A) and g=
through the Sumner Tunnel ($1 toll).=20

Note: Do not attempt to use the Ted Williams tunnel, which is only open t=
commercial traffic.

If traffic is light, the electric sign will direct you to turn left (Sout=
h on
1A) directly towards the Sumner Tunnel.  If traffic is heavy, the electri=
c sign
and state police will require you to take the "alternate route", that is,=
right, North  on 1A, away from the tunnel.  Get off at the first exit and=
to the left down the exit ramp. At the bottom of the ramp make a U-turn a=
nd get
back on 1A, heading South and towards the tunnel.  Try to develop a sense=

You should be in the right lane going into and through the Sumner tunnel.=
exiting the Sumner Tunnel, turn sharp right onto a surface street; do not=
broad right and go up the highway entrance ramp (which leads to I-93 nort=
There are signs marking these turns but you won't have time to both read =
and cope with the traffic.  After the sharp right onto a surface street g=
into the left lane and drive perhaps 100 yards then make a U-turn under t=
highway and continue up the entrance ramp onto Rt. 3 South.  Follow signs=
the Mass Turnpike West.  The exit for the Mass Turnpike is on the right a=
t the
end of the South Station Tunnel (a different tunnel from before).  The si=
don't give much advance warning of the exit.

Take the Mass Pike west to exit 13 (Route 30, Framingham/Natick).  After =
toll booth, bear right and follow the exit ramp to Rt. 30 west. At the se=
traffic light on Rt. 30 take a left at the Shopper's World entrance.  Fol=
the road to the end, then take  a left at the traffic light onto Rt. 9
Eastbound (see map below).  The Crowne Plaza will be 50 yards on the righ=
past the Firestone Tire/Dunkin' Donuts sign.

In case of problems or questions call Charles Monia at 508-841-6757 or se=
E-mail to monia at shr.dec.com.=20

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