SBP-2: Cycle Mark Index and Create Stream ORB

Stephen Finch/SSI1 Stephen_Finch/SSI1.SSI1 at
Mon Jun 30 08:26:21 PDT 1997

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If I have a device that can optionally record Cycle Mark Indices, how does the
host control whether I do or not?  

I think this must be a parameter (bit) in the Create Stream ORB.  If this bit
is set to a value you can support and everything else in the command is 
acceptable to you, you accept the open.  If you can't tolerate the requested
mode you reject the open with a Illegal Request in the resp field, and a 
Request Type not supported (or do we need some new code) in the 
sbp_error field.

other thoughts?

steve finch

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