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Fri Jun 27 15:20:50 PDT 1997

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                           N O T I C E

On Monday June 30, we plan to rename the SCSI Reflector (scsi at
to t10 at  The name change is to reflect that the T10 Technical
Committee does more work than just SCSI.  It will still be appropriate to
discuss SCSI issues on the re-named reflector as well as all other issues
affecting the T10 Technical Committee.  You need not be a member of T10 to
use the T10 reflector.

The name change should be painless (I know, emphasis on 'should').  All
email addresses on the SCSI list will be moved to the T10 list (so you will
NOT need to re-subscribe).  Any emails sent to scsi at will be
forwarded to t10 at for quite some time, but you should begin
using the new address on Tuesday July 1st.  Also, future attempts to
subscribe or unsubscribe to the SCSI list will be automatically directed to
the T10 list.

It is possible that we may drop a few reflector messages during the
transition; if you do not see yours come back, please re-post it.

I will post another message to t10 at once the transition is

Thank you for your patience during the transition,


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