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I've had an opportunity to review the ATA Mapper document prepared by Rick
Born at Symbios and have a few observations:

  * This is may be a useful document to some OS implementers, but it should
be a Symbios application note (some more comments below)

  * There is no way to distinguish a mapped ATA device from a "native" mass
storage SBP-2 device. Even if one were to assume that there are differences,
how does the OS distinguish the two? In other words, what does this document
describe from an OS implementer's point of view?

  * I cannot find any requirements for changes to either SBP-2 or the mass
storage profile. If I've missed something, I hope Symbios will correct me.

The only thing I think merits more discussion is, "How broad is the audience
for this document?" If Symbios is the only company building a 1394 bridging
device to connect to ATA/ATAPI devices, perhaps a Symbios application note
will be entirely adequate. On the other hand, if some other companies besides
Symbios plan to offer such a solution, it would probably be a good thing if
all these vendors mapped the same ATA result codes onto the same SBP-2 and
mass storage profile result codes.


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