SBP-2, Terminology and my constant confusion

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Wed Jun 25 05:07:23 PDT 1997

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I may have a mental problem or something, but everytime I read
"stream command block" or "stream control block" I get confused 
over whether the command is dealing with the data or the control.
Am I the only one?

Assuming I'm not alone, I'd like to propose a simple change:  everywhere
"stream command block" appears, substitute "stream data command block".
(I did a quick search thru SBP-2 rev 2d, and never found "stream command" 
without the "block", so this should be sufficient, but...)

Now when I read "stream control block" I'll know this isn't data/media related
because it doesn't include the word "data", and when I read "stream data command
block" I'll know that it is related to the movement of data to/from the media.

It sure makes like easier for me....

Peter (our beloved editor), sorry for making such a suggestion.  Having been 
an editor before, these types of changes which only make names bigger are
never palatable.  But I really think this makes things clearer.

steve finch,
silicon systems inc
714 573-6808

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