SBP-2: When are we done?

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Tue Jun 17 11:50:54 PDT 1997

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It appears that the async portion of SBP-2 is very solid, but stalled waiting 
for isoc to be completed.  At the same time, Tailgate and other specification 
developments (e.g., Mass Storage Profile) are nearing completion.  These are 
based upon, no, rely upon SBP-2.  To release these before SBP-2 doesn't seem 
right.  Especially considering that none of these use the isoc protion of SBP-2.

I'd like to propose that we move SBP-2 forward by:  

1) removing the isoc information, getting the final inclusions accomplished and 
then doing the final reviews. 

2) request a new project to do SBP-3 whose main function is to add isoc 
capabilities.  There maybe things from 1394A as well.

Yes, the SBP-2 project proposal probably includes isoc capability today, but we 
can request to change the scope of SBP-2  at the same time as we are requesting 
authorization for SBP-3.

Pandora's box is now officially open....

steve finch

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