Next FCL Error SSWG - 6/24/97

Jim Mcgrath jmcgrath at QNTM.COM
Mon Jun 16 19:43:41 PDT 1997

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     Although the next scheduled FC Error SSWG was announced earlier
     for Tuesday, June 17, this has been postponed to Tuesday, June
     24.  Time is 9 am to 11 am PST.  This was done o allow people
     to gather thoughts and information on the sequence level
     error recovery discussion we had last week at the working
     While we will have a new proposal revision for the meeting, the
     focus in on getting input from host, host adaptor, and drive
     vendors on likes and dislikes of the current proposals.
     Although labeled class 2 vs class 3, the real issues are
     The overhead of setting up for timeout detection on every 
     IO (simple but expensive for an adaptor) or only every
     IO needing error recovery (e.g. tape) (complex, since the
     adaptor does not know this today, so needs an interface to
     the UP software, but less expensive to implement).  Note
     that the problem of a disk and tape drive behind one address
     makes this a common problem for both proposals.
     The extendability of this to other device types (like disk).
     Here we need input on the system requirements to see if any
     approach thought of so far is even feasible.
     The extendability of this to other protocols - this would
     make us use FC only mechanisms, not FCP mechanisms.
     Problems implementing protocols on today's silicon and 
     software, and the time and work required to overcome
     these problems.
     Other issues I am sure.  Let us raise our heads out of
     the details of the proposals are set some goals and
     constraints - that way we can move forward more quickly.
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