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Mon Jun 9 14:43:48 PDT 1997

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Larry Chen wrote:

>I always thought that the Inquiry data must
>always be available and valid from NVRAM
>(including VPD).

Wrong! According to SCSI-3 (and SCSI-2) "The INQUIRY data should be
returned even though the device server is not ready for other commands.
To minimize delays after a hard reset or power-up condition, the
standard INQUIRY data should be available without incurring any media
access delays. If the device server does store some of the INQUIRY data
on the media, it may return zeros or ASCII spaces (20h) in those fields
until the data is available from the media."

The above comes from SPC rev 11 section 7.5 INQUIRY command and can also
be found in SCSI-2 in the INQUIRY command section.

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