Results on T10 Letter Ballot 97-026r0 on Approving DIS 14776-411 SAM

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Please note:  Since this was an accelerated letter ballot, the six
organizations that did not vote were not placed in letter ballot jeopardy.

Also, due to time constraints, there will be no attempt to resolve the one
negative ballot (it does not appear resolvable anyway).


                                                           T10/97-027 R0
Voting Results on T10 Letter Ballot 97-026r0 on 
Approving DIS 14776-411 SAM

Organization                      Name                 S Vote Add'l Info
--------------------------------- -------------------- - ---- ----------
Adaptec, Inc.                     Norman H. Harris     P Yes  
AMP, Inc.                         Charles Brill        P Yes  
Amphenol Interconnect             Michael L. Wingard   P Yes  
Ancot Corp.                       Gary Porter          A Yes  
Apple Computer                    Ronald K. Roberts    A Yes  
Berg Electronics                                         DNV  
Cable Design Technologies         Richard Wagner       P Yes  
Ciprico Inc.                      Gerry Johnsen        P Yes  
Circuit Assembly Corp.                                   DNV  
Cirrus Logic Inc.                 Ken Wolfgang         P Yes  
CMD Technology                    Edward Haske         P Yes  
Congruent Software, Inc.          Peter Johansson      P Yes  
Dallas Semiconductor              Charles Tashbook     P Yes  
Data General / Clariion           Greg McSorley        P Yes  
Digital Equipment Corp.           Charles Monia        P Yes  
Distributed Processing Tech.      Roger Cummings       P Yes  
Eastman Kodak Co.                 Robert Reisch        P Yes  
ENDL                              I D Allan            P Yes  
Exabyte Corp.                     Constance L. Kephart P Yes  
Fujitsu                           Chris Nieves         P Yes  
Harting Elektronik Inc.           Martina Kuhlmeyer    A Yes  
Hewlett Packard Co.               J. R. Sims, III      P Yes  
Hitachi Cable Manchester,Inc      Zane Daggett         P Yes  
Hitachi Micro Systems, Inc.       Paul Boulay          A Yes  
Hitachi Storage Products          Anthony Yang         P Yes  
Honda Connectors                  T. Kulesza           P Yes  
IBM Corp.                                                DNV  
KnowledgeTek, Inc.                Dennis Moore         P Yes  
Linfinity Micro                   Dean wallace         P Yes  
Madison Cable Corp.               Robert A. Bellino    P Yes  
Maxtor Corp.                      Pete McLean          P Yes  
Molex Inc.                        Joe Dambach          P Yes  
NEC Electronics, Inc.                                    DNV  
Oak Technology, Inc.                                     DNV  
Ophidian Designs                  Edward A. Gardner    P No   IV Cmnts 
Philips Key Modules               William P. McFerrin  P Yes  
QLogic Corp.                                             DNV  
Quantum Corp.                     Mark Evans           A Yes  
Seagate Technology                Gene Milligan        P Yes  IV 
Silicon Systems, Inc.             Dave Guss            P Yes  
Sony Electronics, Inc.            Jan F. Rebalski      A Yes  
Storage Technology Corp.          Erich Oetting        P Yes  
Sun Microsystems Computer Co      Robert N. Snively    P Yes  Cmnts 
Symbios Logic Inc.                John Lohmeyer        P Yes  
SyQuest Technology, Inc.          Pat Mercer           P Yes  
Tandem Computers                  Pete Tobias          P Yes  
Toshiba America Info Sys          Tokuyuki Totani      P Yes  
UNISYS Corporation                Ken Hallam           P Yes  
Unitrode Corporation              Paul Aloisi          P Yes  
Western Digital Corporation       Jeffrey L. Williams  P Yes  
Woven Electronics                 Doug Piper           P Yes  

P       Voter indicated he/she is principal member
A       Voter indicated he/she is alternate member
O       Voter indicated he/she is observer member
?       Voter indicated he/she is not member or does not know status
YesC    Yes with comments vote
Abs     Abstain vote
DNV     Organization did not vote
IV      Individual vote (not organizational vote)
Cmnts   Comments were included with ballot
NoCmnts No comments were included with a vote that requires comments
DUP     Duplicate ballot (last ballot received from org. is counted)
PSWD    The password was not correct (vote not counted)
ORG?    Organization is not voting member of T10 (vote not counted)

Ballot totals:
 44 Yes
  1 No
  0 Abstain
  6 Organization(s) did not vote
 51 Total voting organizations
  2 Ballot(s) included comments

This 2/3rds majority ballot passed.


Comments attached to No ballot from Edward A. Gardner of 
Ophidian Designs:

1.  The question on this ballot is mis-stated.  It reads:

> Question: Do you approve DIS 14776-411 SAM?

In the strictest sense I approve of SAM.  It is well written, attractive,
reasonably structured, overall a document that I could make many complimentary
statements about.  However, that vote was already taken when T10 forwarded
SAM.  What is being asked here is to recommend that the U.S. representative or
TAG cast his/her/its vote to approve SAM as an ISO standard.  This I am

2.  I am against this because I see no advantage to SAM being an
international standard.  Persuing SAM as an international standard merely
creates additional unnecessary overhead with no commensurate advantages. 
Futhermore, the committee is already developing SAM-2, tantamount to a
replacement for SAM, with a target forwarding date of November 1997.  Persuing
or approving SAM as an international standard, when its replacement may well
be available before the international approval and publication process is
completed, is deceptive and a disservice to the industry and its customers.

3.  I must confess admiration for the following wording:

> The position options are:  approve; approve with editorial comments; or 
> disapprove for technical reasons which are to be explained in an attached 
> paper with recommended wording which, if accepted, would change the U.S. 
> vote to one of approval.

>From a superficial perspective, this would appear to make it impossible to
cast a vote saying (in effect) this standard shouldn't exist.  However, past
experience is that "technical reasons" encompasses business, marketing and
political reasons, indeed anything that isn't purely editorial.  The following
wording changes would cause me to recommand approval:

a.  Eradicate every page, line and word of text, all figures, and all tables
|from DIS 14776-411 SAM, resulting in an empty or blank document.

b.  Alternately, substitute SAM-2 when it has been approved by ANSI.  More
generally, substitute SAM-n with the lowest value of n such that (i) SAM-n has
been published by ANSI, and (ii) T10 has not forwarded a project proposal for
a SAM-(n+1) prior to SAM-n being published by ANSI.

I feel it is simpler and preferable to choose option a, eradicate SAM as an
international standard, and deal with SAM-2 or SAM-n after such a standard has
been approved.

Edward A. Gardner               eag at
Ophidian Designs                719 593-8866 voice
1262 Hofstead Terrace           719 593-8989 fax
Colorado Springs, CO  80907


Comments attached to Yes ballot from Robert N. Snively of 
Sun Microsystems Computer Co:


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