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I have contacted the Red Lion's manager and he has given me the following
additional insights that may help you determine whether or not you are
likely to have been a target:

1)	Most cards were Diner's Club, since they can be used for 
	up to $50 without verification.  The typical scam involved
	a large number of charges at gas stations, all for less than
	$50.  Diner's Club is considering whether or not to modify that
2)	The source of the card numbers was the front desk area of
	the Red Lion.  Charges in restuarents were probably less
	likely to become involved.
	The person was arrested as part of the closing up of the fraud ring.
3)	Several other hotels in the California area were targeted by the
	scam about the same time, so if you did not stay in the Red Lion,
	you are still not immune.
4)	Red Lion apologizes for any inconvenience and assures you they
	are doing their best to make sure their operations are secure.

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