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<<The lost bit in the STATE_CLEAR/STATE_SET CSRs seems to be an issue as
well.  This bit is supposed to be set on power-up and must be cleared prior
to responding to config ROM reads.  Currently, we have not seen any bus
manager that clears this bit so we are ignoring it.>>

IEEE 1212, the CSR architecture that first defined these furshlugginer bits
that nobody seems to pay attention to is up for renewal; the effort is
getting underway shortly. There will be a separate reflector.

I hope you bring these concerns forward so that we can reach a conclusion on
bits in STATE_CLEAR and STATE_SET that will be widely accepted and used.

This is an important area, mostly because some functionality is going to be
needed here to make bridges and "remote transaction capable" devices (i.e.,
devices that know enough about the existence of bridges and the possibility
of a reset on a remote bus to be able to operate...) work correctly.

When the IEEE P1212 reflector is established next week, I'll post an
announcement so that interested parties can join. We don't plan to meet
face-to-face much; we'll try to get all the work done on the reflector.


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