How to Exchange SDTR?

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Wed Jun 4 16:19:30 PDT 1997

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Dear Sir/Ms:
	I take the liberaty to ask you question about the SYNCHRONOUS DATA
TRANSFER REQUEST(SDTR) message exchange as Initiator. The procedures I
did are:
 1.Selection Phase(with ATN)
 2.Message Out Phase.(sent the Identity Message, and 5 bytes SDTR)
 3.Message In Phase. (received the SDTR from Target)
 4.Command Phase??
	In the step4, the system always goes Command Phase. Is this the case
under the ISO/IEC 9316? I do not know how to end the SDTR message
exchange normally. Do I have to issure some SCSI command in the step
4(Command Phase) to successfully quit the SDTR exchange? Is there any
other way to do so??
	I am looking forward to your reply!
Thanks and Have a good day.
Chunyi Wu     
Senior Engineer,Project Magr
Hangzhou Computer Peripheral Equipment Research Institute
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