should disk attach reflector be retired?

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I'm not sure what you mean by the "cleaning up the lists" project. I said
some time ago that I would attempt to get majordomo established here at DPT
for use for future reflectors, but that is way down at the bottom of my
list of priorities in terms of the web site and the ftp site. I was not
thinking of relocating any of the existing reflectors unless the current
sites became too unreliable and that does not currently seem to be the
case. However the reason that the disk_attach reflector is still used is
that for a time a while ago it was about the ONLY reflector that was
reliable. That doesn't seem to be currently the case, but there is
undoubtedly a law that says the more people who subscribe to a reflector,
the more it is likely that one of them will use an address which causes
majordomo to hang. The only way we can protect against this is for all of
us who post to the reflectors to check that we see our posts coming back,
and to send a message to

owner-fc at

(or equivalent for another reflector), if we do not see anything coming
back for more than a day. Ken Hardwick continues to do sterling work @
Network Systems in supporting the reflectors there, and he and Dave
Peterson have been very responsive in fixing problems, but it really is up
to all of us to alert them that problems exist.

Therefore, regarding the disk_attach reflector, I personally would have no
problems if it was no longer used, but I dont think it's worth causing
people problems by asking that the address be blocked if some still find
the reflector useful. Let's ask if everybody would use the fc reflector in
the future, and see what happens.


Roger Cummings
Chair, TC T11

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Subject:  should disk attach reflector be retired?

In light of the recent question about where to hold
future tape discussions, I wonder whether it would
make sense at this point to retire the disk attach
mail reflector. The total amount of mail on the
scsi, fibre-channel, and disk-attch reflectors is
not all that high, and much of the traffic comes
|from posting on multiple lists. What is the status
of the "cleaning up of the lists" project?

Doug Hagerman
Storage Architecture
Digital Equipment Corporation
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