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Some time ago Ed Gardner sent out an Email asking for further information on 
OIW. Attempts to obtain the further information for a while were not 
productive. I determined this was due to the Chair of OIW leaving TRW and will 
not start with his new employer for about another week. When he does there is a 
high probability that his new Email address will be jhungate at doc.gov.He is 
continuing as Chair of OIW.

The  Open Systems Environment Implementors Workshop (OIW) has a home page at 
www.oiw.org. The home page is attached. If you have trouble with the attachment 
or want more information you now have the address.


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 Open Systems Environment Implementors Workshop Open Systems Environment Implementors Workshop Welcome to the official web site of the Open Systems Environment Implementors Workshop (OIW). This site is dedicated to conveying important information about OIW's activities, and also acts as a repository for OIW-related information. Information about companies, products, or services contained on this site are for informational purposes only, and are not an endorsement of those companies, products, or services by the US Government. As of 1 April 1997 this site is no longer funded by the IEEE Computer Society and the OIW. Consequently, Information Distribution International, the maintainer of this site and of the OIW mailing lists, has been forced to close the site. We are working with the OIW chairs to identify a mechanism for funding future access to the materials on this site. If you would like further information, please contact Joe Hungate or Shane McCarron. OIW News OIW's next meeting will be held January 20-22, 1997 at TRW in Virginia. Contacts Next Meeting Announcement E-mail list sign-up E-mail Archives European Open System Workshop (EWOS) Portable Applications Standards Committee (PASC) Implementors Agreements These are the implementors agreements for OSI, IP, and OSE working groups. The Stable documents have been approved. Stable Open Systems Interconnection Internet Protocol Suites Open Systems Environment Working Open Systems Interconnection Internet Protocol Suites Open Systems Environment Internet Profiles International Standardized Profiles Liaisons Minutes Voting Reports Previous versions of OSI agreements 1993 1994 Style Manual [TXT] [PS] [W51] Special Interest Groups Group charters SIG Working Documents Conformance Testing Directory Services Email FTAM Healthcare IGOSS Library Applications Lower Layer Multimedia Data and Document Interchange Message Handling Manufacturing Message Specification Systems and Network Management Open Systems Environment Technical Committee Remote Database Access Open Systems Security TLC Transaction Processing Upper Layers Virtual Terminal X.400 Office Document Architecture Registration Integrated Software Engineering Environments 
accesses since 22 April 1996. 

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