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John Lohmeyer John.Lohmeyer at symbios.com
Wed Jul 30 15:27:43 PDT 1997

* From the T10 (formerly SCSI) Reflector (t10 at symbios.com), posted by:
* John Lohmeyer <John.Lohmeyer at Symbios.com>
The T10 mailing #4 for 1997 is on the T10 web site:


and the mailing .zip files are available at:

ftp://ftp.symbios.com/pub/standards/io/t10/mailings/sy9704-1.zip  announce
ftp://ftp.symbios.com/pub/standards/io/t10/mailings/sy9704-2.zip  proposals
ftp://ftp.symbios.com/pub/standards/io/t10/mailings/sy9704-3.zip  drafts

It will probably be a couple weeks before the CD-ROMs and paper mailings
are distributed.


PS:  Letter ballots on forwarding SMC and SCC-2 will be sent out Friday
morning to all T10 Principal and Alternate members.

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