Questions on Persistent Reservations...again

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Wed Jul 30 07:26:28 PDT 1997

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I would like to ask a couple questions to see where everyone is at on some
'boundary conditions' with respect to persistent reservations..

1st... What about persistent reservations to LUN0 if it is the controller 
device? Any thoughts on practicality of such a thing and any restrictions that 
might want to be placed on it (by comment or spec treatment?) general
the reservations are for media access, but hosts ought to know what the right
thing to do with the controller device...

2nd... How persistent to reservations need to be with respect to power-off 
situations. The definition of this case could be power-failure and planned 
power shutdowns. I can see where the reserations should be kept across 
power-failures, but I am not sure it applies when someone decides to turn 
their computer room for the weekend to save energy...I suppose it could
be the fact that no other access is allowed providing some type security,
but its not much...

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