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T10 SBP-2 working Group

The next meeting of the T10 SBP-2 working group and Diskboys will be 19 
August 1997 at the Raintree Plaza Hotel, 1900 Diagonal Highway, Longmont, 
CO, 303-776-2000. Meeting will start at 9 AM.

There is a small black of rooms available (SSI) until the end of tommorow, 
July 28. Make your reservations now to be assured a room as this is 
tourist season in Longmont (yes, we have a tourist season).

X3T10 SBP-2 Ad hoc, 
1394 Mass Storage Device Profile
August 19, 1997, 9 AM

1. Opening remarks

2. Charter

3. Agenda

4. Review of minutes [T10/97-2xxR0 T13/D97148R0] and old 
            action items

5. SBP-2 [T10/1155D]
     5.1 Review Isochronous issues
     5.2 Printer issues
     5.4 Core register interference
     5.5 Management ORB timeouts
     5.6 Editorial review

6. Mass Storage Device Profile
     6.1 Location of password
     6.2 Mapper profile proposal
     6.3 Removable annex

7. Tailgate document [T13/D97107] status

8. Review of action items

9. Call for patents

10. Meeting schedule

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