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<<Or is the intention that the target will not send a response if it is going
to send a status with an error indicated?  If the later, what does one do
with a transport error (e.g., no ack received or corrupted ack) on the
sending of the reponse?  The host sees it and thinks that it is valid, but
the target send an error.  This sequence seems to be contrary to this second

If the target cannot successfully complete a CREATE STREAM request, it has no
business storing response data.

The target is free to retry writes to store the response data as many times
as it likes BEFORE is stores the completion status. The system memory address
for the response data has no associated interrupt behaviors. The host is not
entitled to do anything with data written to create_stream_response UNTIL
completion status is stored at status_FIFO and then only if it is OK
completion status.


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