What happened to the QErr & Basic Queuing Proposals

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97-277r2 was not discussed in Natick because it accepted for inclusion in 
San Diego.  Here's the plenary minutes excerpt:

> 10.2.6      Proposed change in Qerr=1 Behavior in SPC-2 (96-277r2) [Weber]
> Ralph Weber described working group requested revisions to 96-277r1 that
> resulted in r2.  Ralph Weber moved that T10 accept 96-277r2 for inclusion
> in SPC-2 and SAM-2.  Ed Gardner seconded the motion.  The motion passed
> 39:1:0:13=53.  Describing his reason for his no vote, Charles Monia 
> expressed the concern that the proposal leaves open the possibility that
> some other T10 document might require an unacceptable behavior with respect
> to QErr and that the relationship with other documents is not clearly 
> described in the proposed new text.

Charles did bring a proposal to Natick, under a separate document number.
Here's the working group minutes excerpt for that topic:

> 6.5   QErr Recovery (97-187) [Monia]
> Charles Monia presented a proposal to add wording to SAM-2 that requires
> named, specific, queue error recovery behaviors.  The proposal met with
> substantial opposition.  After a lengthy discussion, Charles agreed to 
> move the proposed text from SAM-2 to the High-Availability Profile.

Hope this covers your question.

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