ASPI - Win 95 - give me back my DOS boxes?

Thu Jan 30 19:20:43 PST 1997

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> Is there another vendor that sells a Win 95
> and/or NT ASPI driver that supports ATAPI
> devices (perhaps in addition to SCSI devices)?

I myself am curious to know with how little work
one might move an aggregated collection of
object-code-only DOS tools that only know how to
talk ASPI to run in a Win95 DOS box and yet talk
to an ATA/PI drive.

Even with SCSI drivers, myself I as yet have only
had success in using stuff that Win95 knows how to
recognise and supplant - in the process, altering
the srb[00h] = 00h inquiry string and removing
capabilities like srb[00h] = 04h.

Thanks in advance.   Pat LaVarre

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