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From: Charles Monia
	Digital Equipment Corp.
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To:  Members of X3T10

Subject:  Digital Contact for SCAM Patent Information

As noted in the minutes of the January X3T10 Plenary, Digital is the owner 
of the patent described below, which may apply to the parallel SCSI 
autoconfiguration function known as "SCAM".

Patent Title:	"Asynchronous Data Transfer Among
			a Plurality of Computing Devices"

U.S. Patent number:	5,586,272
Date of issue:	December 17, 1996

Digital is currently reviewing the draft specification with regard to its 
patent portfolio.  In the meantime, the contact person for information is:

	Ted Faigle
	Corporate Licensing Office
	Digital Equipment Corporation
	111 Powdermill Road
	Maynard, MA 01754-2571	

Voice:	508-493-8348
Fax:		508-493-9007


Charles Monia

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