Dual-port target device behavior

Larry Chen larryc at maxstrat.com
Fri Jan 24 19:57:42 PST 1997

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I am aware of the following Dual-port target device behaviors: 

1) Target device will export lun(s) and accept commands on only
	one port at a time.

2) Target device will export lun(s) on both ports, but both ports
	will NOT accept commands equally.

3) Target device will export lun(s) on both ports, and both ports 
	are will accept commands equally.

It would be nice if the SCSI initiator driver could discover
which dual-port model is being implemented at the target device.

I think the Standard Inquiry MultiP bit may be used to distinguish
(1) from (2 & 3). Though, I don't think (2) and (3) can be distinguished
|from each other.

Comments ?

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