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Subject:  NCITS - X3 Name Change

The officers and secretariat are proud to announce that X3 has become the
National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS).  NCITS   
pronounced "insights."  (See the minutes of the X3 November meeting -
X3/96-0724 Agenda Item 10.1)

With this name change the committee is shifting its focus - please see   
attached Press Release.

Please retransmit this information to interested members of your
organizations.  TC Chairs are requested to notify their committees of the   
change to NCITS.  During a transitional period (of approximately 6   
months) TCs
should drop the use of X3 in their names and just use the last part of   
designations (e.g., B5, L3, T10, etc.).

Please visit us on our web site at:   http://www.x3.org.  We anticipate   
new domain name will be operational in 2 weeks.

                                                        PRESS RELEASE

There is a new name in information technology standardization in the U.S.   

National Committee for Information Technology Standardization (NCITS).   
(pronounced "Insights") is the new name for Accredited Standards   
Committee X3
 - Information Technology.

While the scope of standardization activities remains the same, the   
is different. NCITS's mission is to produce market-driven, voluntary   
standards in the areas of multimedia (MPEG/JPEG), intercommunication   
computing devices and information systems (including the Information
SCSI-2 interfaces, Geographic Information Systems), storage media (hard
drives, removable cartridges) and programming languages (such as C++).

NCITS develops national standards and its technical experts participate   
behalf of the United States in the international standards activities of
ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information Technology. Through participation in NCITS,
industry leaders and users alike have the opportunity to open new   
dismantle non-tariff trade barriers, and build the basic structure of the
Global Information Infrastructure.

This name change reflects the renewed vigor of the information technology
standards process and allows for more name-uniqueness in electronic   
such as on the world wide web. An additional sign of this renewed vigor   
evident is NCITS's proposal for U.S. adoption of 230 ISO/IEC JTC 1   
in the Information Technology field.

NCITS welcomes new members in the development of critical new standards   
the review of the standards that built the infrastructure. We welcome   
who wants to start standards projects in the information technology area.
Contact us at ncits at itic.nw.dc.us. More information is available at the   
site (http://www.x3.org until the domain name "www.ncits.org" is   

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