Results on X3T10 Letter Ballot 96-046r0 on Forwarding SSA-PH2 to 1PR

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Wed Jan 22 13:09:00 PST 1997

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Voting Results on X3T10 Letter Ballot 96-046r0 on
Forwarding SSA-PH2 to first public review

Organization                      Name                 S Vote Add'l Info
 --------------------------------- -------------------- - ---- ----------
Adaptec, Inc.                     Lawrence J. Lamers   A Yes
Amdahl Corp.                      Edward Fong          P Yes
AMP, Inc.                         Charles Brill        P Yes
Ancot Corp.                       Jan Dedek            P Yes
Apple Computer                    Ron Roberts          A Yes
Berg Electronics                  Douglas L. Wagner    P Yes
Ciprico Inc.                      Gerry Johnsen        P Yes
Circuit Assembly Corp.            Ian Morrell          P Yes
CMD Technology                    Edward Haske         P Yes
Congruent Software, Inc.          Peter Johansson      P Yes
Dallas Semiconductor              Louis Grantham       P Yes
Digital Equipment Corp.           Charles Monia        P Yes  IV
Distributed Processing Tech.      Roger Cummings       P Yes
Eastman Kodak Co.                 Robert Reisch        P Yes
ENDL                              I D Allan            P Yes
Exabyte Corp.                     Edward Lappin        P Yes
Fujitsu Computer Products,Am      Robert Liu           P Yes
Hewlett Packard Co.               J. R. Sims           P Yes
Hitachi Cable Manchester,Inc      Zane Daggett         P Yes
Honda Connectors                  Thomas J. Kulesza    P Yes
IBM Corp.                         John Scheible        A YesC Cmnts
Iomega Corp.                      Geoffrey L. Barton   P Yes
KnowledgeTek, Inc.                Dennis Moore         P Yes
Linfinity Micro                   Dean Wallace         P Yes
Madison Cable Corp.               Robert A. Bellino    P Yes
Maxtor Corp.                      Pete McLean          P Yes
Molex Inc.                        Joe Dambach          P Yes
Oak Technology, Inc.                                     DNV
Ophidian Designs                  Edward A. Gardner    P No   IV Cmnts
Panasonic Technologies, Inc       Stephen F. Heil      P Yes
Philips Key Modules               Bill McFerrin        P Yes
QLogic Corp.                      Skip Jones           P Yes
Quantum Corp.                     Jim McGrath          P Yes
Seagate Technology                Gene Milligan        P YesC IV Cmnts
Silicon Systems, Inc.             Dave Guss            P Yes
Sony Electronics, Inc.            Mike Yokoyama        P Yes
Storage Technology Corp.          Erich Oetting        P Yes
Sun Microsystems Computer Co      Robert Snively       P Yes
Symbios Logic Inc.                John Lohmeyer        P Yes
SyQuest Technology, Inc.          Patrick Mercer       P Yes
Tandem Computers                  John Moy             P Yes
Toshiba America                   Tokuyuki Totani      P Yes
UNISYS Corporation                Kenneth J. Hallam    P Yes
Unitrode Corporation              Paul Aloisi          P Yes
Western Digital Corporation       Jeffrey L. Williams  P Yes
Woven Electronics                 Doug Piper           P Yes

P       Voter indicated he/she is principal member
A       Voter indicated he/she is alternate member
O       Voter indicated he/she is observer member
?       Voter indicated he/she is not member or does not know status
YesC    Yes with comments vote
Abs     Abstain vote
DNV     Organization did not vote
IV      Individual vote (not organizational vote)
Cmnts   Comments were included with ballot
NoCmnts No comments were included with a vote that requires comments
DUP     Duplicate ballot (last ballot received from org. is counted)
PSWD    The password was not correct (vote not counted)
ORG?    Organization is not voting member of X3T10 (vote not counted)

Ballot totals:
 44 Yes
  1 No
  0 Abstain
  1 Organization(s) did not vote
 46 Total voting organizations
  3 Ballot(s) included comments

This 2/3rds majority ballot passed.


Comments attached to YesC ballot from John Scheible of
IBM Corp.:

1) (E) Header
   Change header from "X3T10.1 / 1146D rev 3a" to "X3T10.1 / 1146D rev 4"

2) (T) clause 4:
   Add "In case of conflict, figures take precedence over tables and both
   figures and tables take precedence over text."


Comments attached to No ballot from Edward A. Gardner of
Ophidian Designs:

It appears, from the ballot, that VLSI's negative vote remains   
unresolved. I
would like to see a response from X3T10.1 on VLSI's comment before   

If X3T10.1 has already responded to VLSI's comment, please refer me to   
relevant document and I will amend my vote.


Comments attached to YesC ballot from Gene Milligan of
Seagate Technology:

The file I downloaded was defective and I could not review the document.
Please check the draft to see if it has the same type of problems as   
in the other SSA drafts.

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