Update of SFF-8067 enclosure services on 40-pin SCA FC drive

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Tue Jan 21 23:38:54 PST 1997

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It is not clear what the freestanding Reference of SCSI-3 points to.

>The pull-up resistor shall be on the backplane and shall have a value 
appropriate to limit the 
>required assertion drive to less than the specified Iol.  The resistance
>should not be less than 3 k ohms.

What is "lol"?

>The device may be removable from the enclosure through an external port or may 
be >permanently installed in the enclosure. 

 For a FC device, this is an unfortunate use of the term port.

> After successfully identifying the enclosure as supporting
>the SFF-8067 Enclosure Services protocol, the device performs a Command
>phase (using a fixed number of Write phase transfers) that provides 
>the identification of the page to be transfered and
>the direction of the transfer. 

 There should be a description of the requirements if the identification shows 
that the enclosure does not support the protocol.

> post TBD

 What is happening to define TBD?

>The enclosure services device model is defined in SCSI-3 Enclosure 
>Services command set (SES),  X3T10/Project 1212, revision 8.  

 I hope it is not necessary to tie this to an intermediate revision.

>The device model allows commands accessing enclosure
>services information to be executed to any device.  

 Should this be "to be sent to any device" or "to be executed in any device"?

There is some danger in repeating SES requirements since one or the other of 
the documents could in the future independantly change a requirement.

>It is not an error if a RECEIVE DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS command is executed 
>with an Allocation Lenth different than the Page Length + 4.

 I think this should be "It is not an error for a RECEIVE DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS 
command to have an Allocation Length less than the Page Length + 4."


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