Extending ASCQ 04h

George Penokie GOP at rchvmp3.vnet.ibm.COM
Mon Jan 6 19:38:13 PST 1997

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* "George Penokie" <GOP at RCHVMP3.VNET.IBM.COM>
You are correct the ASCQs you list below should be extended to other
device types. I will look into doing that.  Are there any others
relating to arrays that you think should be extended to more devices.
Bye for now,

>ASC ASCQ Description
> --------------------------
>04 05 Logical Unit Not Ready, Rebuild in Progress
>04 06 Logical Unit Not Ready, Recalculation in Progress
>Table B.1 states the above errors are only valid for
>A - Storage Array Device (SCC).
>Doesn't it make more sense for the above errors to
>be reported when the SCSI command is being sent to
>the Volume set (and not to the SCC device)?

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