System Probing with SCC lun devices

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Fri Jan 3 12:19:09 PST 1997

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In a typical System probing methodology, the
configuration driver must probe for luns and populate
the equipment device table (edt in CAM terminology)
before any of the other peripheral device drivers are 

It has been suggested that the Report Luns command
can be issued to SCC lun to determine the
the other non-SSC lun(s) that are behind the array
controller device.

If this is the case, the SCC host driver must now be
part of the configuration driver. The SCC host driver
must issue a Report Luns command and populate the
equipment device table (edt in Cam terminology) before
any of the Non-SCC drivers are initialized (and claim
their luns).

Is this an acceptable System probing methodology for
the System folks?

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