Results of Letter Ballot on forwarding SBC to first public review

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Voting Results on X3T10 Letter Ballot 96-045r0 on
Forwarding SBC to First Public Review

Organization                      Name                 S Vote Add'l Info
 --------------------------------- -------------------- - ---- ----------
Adaptec, Inc.                     Norman H. Harris     P Yes  Cmnts
Amdahl Corp.                      Edward Fong          P Yes
AMP, Inc.                         Charles Brill        P Yes
Ancot Corp.                       Jan Dedek            P Yes
Apple Computer                    Ron Roberts          A Yes
Berg Electronics                  Douglas L. Wagner    P Yes
Ciprico Inc.                      Gerry Johnsen        P Yes
Circuit Assembly Corp.            Ian Morrell          P Yes
CMD Technology                    Edward Haske         P Yes
Congruent Software, Inc.          Peter Johansson      P Yes
Dallas Semiconductor              Louis Grantham       P Yes
Digital Equipment Corp.           Charles Monia        P Yes
Distributed Processing Tech.      Roger Cummings       P Yes
Eastman Kodak Co.                 Robert Reisch        P Yes
ENDL                              I D Allan            P Yes
Exabyte Corp.                     Edward Lappin        P Yes
FSI Consulting Services                                  DNV
Fujitsu Computer Products,Am      Robert Liu           P Yes
Hewlett Packard Co.               J. R. Sims, III      P Yes
Hitachi Cable Manchester,Inc      Zane Daggett         P Yes
Honda Connectors                  Thomas J. Kulesza    P Yes
IBM Corp.                         George Penokie       P No   Cmnts
Iomega Corp.                      Geoffrey L. Barton   P Yes
KnowledgeTek, Inc.                Dennis Moore         P Yes
Linfinity Micro                   Dean Wallace         P Yes
Madison Cable Corp.               Robert A. Bellino    P Yes
Maxtor Corp.                      Pete McLean          P Yes
Molex Inc.                                               DNV
Oak Technology, Inc.              Robin Freeze         A Yes
Ophidian Designs                  Edward A. Gardner    P Yes  IV
Panasonic Technologies, Inc       Stephe F. Heil       P Yes
Philips Key Modules               Bill McFerrin        P Yes
QLogic Corp.                      Skip Jones           P Yes
Quantum Corp.                                            DNV
Seagate Technology                Gene Milligan        P YesC IV Cmnts   
Seagate Technology                James Whitworth      A Yes  IV
Silicon Systems, Inc.             Dave Guss            P Yes
Sony Electronics, Inc.            Mike Yokoyama        P Yes
Storage Technology Corp.          Erich Oetting        P Yes
Sun Microsystems Computer Co      Robert Snively       P Yes
Symbios Logic Inc.                John Lohmeyer        P Yes
SyQuest Technology, Inc.          Patrick Mercer       P Yes
Tandem Computers                  John Moy             P Yes
Toshiba America                   Tokuyuki Totani      P Yes
UNISYS Corporation                Ken Hallam           P Yes
Unitrode Corporation              Paul Aloisi          P Yes  Cmnts
Western Digital Corporation       Jeffrey L Williams   P YesC Cmnts
Woven Electronics                 Doug Piper           P Yes

P       Voter indicated he/she is principal member
A       Voter indicated he/she is alternate member
O       Voter indicated he/she is observer member
?       Voter indicated he/she is not member or does not know status
YesC    Yes with comments vote
Abs     Abstain vote
DNV     Organization did not vote
IV      Individual vote (not organizational vote)
Cmnts   Comments were included with ballot
NoCmnts No comments were included with a vote that requires comments
DUP     Duplicate ballot (last ballot received from org. is counted)
PSWD    The password was not correct (vote not counted)
ORG?    Organization is not voting member of X3T10 (vote not counted)

Ballot totals:
 43 Yes
  1 No
  0 Abstain
  3 Organization(s) did not vote
 47 Total voting organizations
  1 Duplicate ballot(s) not counted
  4 Ballot(s) included comments

This 2/3rds majority ballot passed.


Comments attached to Yes ballot from Norman H. Harris of
Adaptec, Inc.:

Merry Christmas!


Comments attached to No ballot from George Penokie of
IBM Corp.:

(E)=Editorial  (T)=Technical  (G)=General editorial comment that applies
to entire standard.

These comment are on rev 7 of SBC using a copy printed out using
Acrobat. I am not sure if some of the errors are due to the Acrobat
printout or if they are real.  I will give the editor my marked up copy
so it can be checked against the native format.

1-(E) page ii - The box around the cautions does not enclose the entire
last paragraph.

2-(E) page 2 - The list of physical interconnects contains the 'SCSI
Parallel Interface -2' in it. It should be 'SCSI-3 Parallel Interface

3-(E) page 2 - section 2 - This section should be changed to the same
structure as in 96-241r1.

4-(E) page 3 - - This definition is in the wrong place. It is in
the 'A' spot and should be in the 'S' spot.

5-(E) page 3 - - This definition should be changed to the same
definition as for SCSI-3 storage array in the SCC standard. And the last
sentence should be changed from 'into a redundancy group.' to 'various
objects (e.g., redundancy groups, volume sets, etc.).'

6-(E) page 4 - - The reference '(see x3.276' should be changed
to '(see SCC)'.

7-(E) page 6 - 3.4 - a) - The sentence should be change from 'commands,
fields, and' to 'commands, and'. Fields are defined in c).

8-(E) page 6 - 3.4 - c) - The 'CAPS' in the sentences is half small caps
and half really small caps.

9-(G) Many places throughout the standard the fields and bits have not
been changed from normal caps to small caps.  I have marked all cases in
my copy of SBC.

10-(G) Many places throughout the standard the mode page names are
either small caps or capitalized.  Mode page names should not be small
caps or capitalized. I have marked all cases in my coy of SBC.

11-(G) The sleep condition, standby condition, idle condition, and
active condition should not be capitalized.

12-(T) page 10 - figure 3 - a) - The sentence 'Path 1: An idle time out
or a START STOP UNIT command with a power condition code of 2h.' should
be changed to 'Path 1: A START STOP UNIT command with a power condition
code of 2h.'.

13-(E) page 15 - - The second to the last sentence states 'As a
result, the SEEK command often...'.  Does the SEEK here refer to SEEK(6)
or SEEK(10) or both?

14-(E) page 16 - 5.1.15 - The first sentence states 'storage devices
into a redundancy group.' it should be changed to 'storage devices into
objects.  The type of object used by this model is the redundancy

15-(E) page 23 - - There is a hard carriage return in the
last sentence of the first paragraph after the 'command,'.

16-(E) page 24 - - Note 1: - Every line in this note
seems to be centered rather justified.

17-(E) page 24 - - The messages target reset, clear task set,
abort task and abort task set should be all caps.

18-(E) page 28 - 6.1 - table 1 - The table boundary overflows onto page

19-(G) Some of the bit names are capitalized (example on page 37 -
Security Initialize should be security initialize.) and they should not
be. I have marked all cases in my copy of SBC.

20-(E) page 37 - table 11 - The table boundary chops off two
sentences on the right side.

21-(E) page 37 - - paragraph above table 11 - The first sentence
states 'need not rewrite (format)' should be 'need not rewrite the

22-(G) - In many places in the document the following sentence occurs:
'See 6.1.2 for a definition of the RELADR bit and the LOGICAL BLOCK
ADDRESS field.' this is not correct. The sentence should read 'See 6.1.2
for a definition of the RELADR bit and see 6.1.4 for a definition of the
LOGICAL BLOCK ADDRESS field.' I have marked all cases in my copy of the

23-(E) - page 39 - 6.1.3 - last three paragraphs - The link bit should
be small caps.

24-(E) - page 44 - 6.1.7 - note 9 - The sentence '..that sensibly
defines the meaning..' should be '...that defines the meaning...'

25-(E) - page 45 - 6.1.8 - the second to the last paragraph starts with
'11Any other' this should be changed to 'Any other'.

26-(E) - page 47 - 6.1.9 - paragraph before note 13 - Field in
INFORMATION FIELD should not be small caps or caps.

27-(E) - page 47-54 - 6.1.10-6.1.12 - There are several page breaks in
places where there should be no page breaks.

28-(E)  - page 55 - 6.1.13 - In the first paragraph after table 29 the
4th sentence has two periods.

29-(E) - page 63  - 6.1.21 - There is not definition of the zero value
for the PBDATA and LBDATA bits.

30-(E) - page 28, 29, 68, 69, 83, and 84 - table notes - All the
sentences that contain 'Optional ... if implemented shall...' should
be changed to '... if implemented shall...'.

31-(E) -  page 69 - table 44 - This table overflows onto the next page.
This should be fixed.

32-(E) - page 74 - table 49 - The Allocation length has an extra space
between the lls in allocation.

33-(E) - page 89 - 7.1.2 - In the first paragraph Logging Operations
should not be capitalized.

34-(E) - page 93 - table 75 - In the title of the table 'Write' should
not be capitalized.

35-(E) - page 104 - figure 4 - This figure (at least in my printout)
needs some formatting work.

36-(E) - page 111 - b) after table 91 - The term 'Task' should not be


Comments attached to DUPLICATE YesC ballot from Gene Milligan of
Seagate Technology:

1) The scope has a typo  The term SCSI-3 in this standard refers to
versions of defined since SCSI-2.  This should be  The term SCSI-3 in
this standard refers to versions of SCSI defined since SCSI-2. 

2) The flexible disk page parameters for control and reporting of
flexible disk device parameters in SCSI-2 and SBC failed to define Pin
2. I suggest adding a definition that the use of the Pin 2 field is
vendor specific.


Comments attached to Yes ballot from Paul Aloisi of
Unitrode Corporation:



Comments attached to YesC ballot from Jeffrey L Williams of
Western Digital Corporation:

Western Digital requests that the Read Defect Data (12) command,
described in the optical section, be added to the direct access block
command set as an optional command.  We feel this is required as devices   

get larger and the potential size of the defect lists grow to over 64
KBytes (8K entries on the list).

We also feel that this is an editorial issue since the Standard does not   

prevent us from supporting the command as it is defined today.

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