Withdrawal of X3.268-1997

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Mon Feb 24 13:07:01 PST 1997

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This announcement is to comply with the T10 "two week" rule for new business.
I intend to make the following motion at the T10 plenary session in San
Diego, March 13, 1997:

   "U moves and T seconds that T10 recommend that NCITS take the necessary
    steps to withdraw ANSI X3.268-1997 (Serial Bus Protocol)."

This will require a roll-call vote at the plenary.

The reason for the withdrawal of SBP is that no implementations are known to
exist nor are any plans to implement known. The present ANSI SBP standard
causes confusion with the draft standard SBP-2. Early adopters already have
SBP-2 implementations underway; SBP-2 is already referenced in draft
documents in both T10 and T13. I recommend that we withdraw SBP in order to
reduce the risk of confusion.


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