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There are three new documents on the T10 FTP site,, that have the
endorsement of the SBP-2 ad hoc Working Group meeting that met in Bothell, WA
this week.

They are:

        97-128r2 Transport Status for SBP-2
        97-133r0 REQUEST ABORTED Response Status in SBP-2
        97-134r1 Unsolicited Status Handshake in SBP-2

These represent changes in portions of SBP-2 that have been stabilized and
the working group seeks plenary approval March 13 in San Diego.

97-128r2 describes improved reporting mechanisms for Serial Bus errors that
occur when a target accesses data structures in the initiator. The changes
are extensions to what had been defined before. The working group admits that
this area of status reporting was perhaps not as stable as it should have
been; subsequent to these changes we do not anticipate the necessity of
additional changes.

97-133r0 describes a school-boy error in SBP-2. There are a number of places
where a response status of REQUEST ABORTED is referenced but this status is
nowwhere defined. This document corrects the error and does not introduce any
change in the intent of the draft standard.

97-134r1 describes a minor technical change. The working group believes that
the initial state of the unsolicited status reporting mechanism (subsequent
to a login) should be disabled and should require explicit initiator action
to be enabled. This technical change in turned spawned an editorial change to
the name of the register involved; a name change that more accurately
reflects the sense of the register.

The SBP-2 ad hoc working group recommends that the T10 plenary entertain a
motion in San Diego similar to:

    "P moves and Q seconds that the Technical Editor for SBP-2
     be instructed to incorporate the changes in 97-128r2, 97-133r0
     and 97-134r1 into the next revision of SBP-2. It is the opinion
     of the working group that, with the possible exception of 97-128r2,
     these changes require no more than a simple majority vote
     of the plenary."

Please review the documents before the plenary.

If you have any questions, please air them on the reflector before the


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