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For those creating ISO/IEC draft standards, The following response from ISO
gives directions on how to find electronic copies of the document templates.

Dear Mr Monia

Please find below the information necessary for you to download the ISO 
template, version 1.8.

Queries and comments may be addressed to the following people at the ISO 
Central Secretariat:

   technical queries:    Mr G. Braendle (tel. + 41 22 749 72 36; internet 
 braendle at isocs.iso.ch)  
               Dr A. Samarin (tel. + 41 22 749 73 14; internet 
 samarin at isocs.iso.ch)
   editorial queries:    Mrs J. Goodwin (tel. + 41 22 749 72 92; internet 
 goodwin at isocs.iso.ch)   
               Mr F. Perrad (tel. + 41 22 749 72 89; internet 
 perrad at isocs.iso.ch)

Please note that a revised version (version 3.0, updated for conformity with 
the 3rd edition of the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 3) will be made available in 
the next few weeks. Meanwhile you may use version 1.8.

Yours sincerely,

Joanna Goodwin


The Internet name of the server is "ftp.iso.ch".
Login with the username "anonymous". As the password, specify your internet 
The template is located in the directory "/usera/pub/out/template/aisov18".

(1)  Copy the files ISOSTD.ZIP and PKUNZIP.EXE to the directory where you 
would like to unpack the template files.
(2)  Check that the size of each of the two files matches the size given 
(3)  Make the directory where you put the files your current directory.
(4)  Type PKUNZIP ISOSTD.ZIP to unpack the files.
(5)  Print the file INSTALL.TXT for further instructions.

INSTALL.TXT    2 970 bytes (1996-12-18T15:04)
ISOSTD.ZIP     223 076 bytes (1996-11-18T06:41)
PKUNZIP.EXE    29 378 bytes (1993-02-01T21:04)

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