T10 Working Group documents for SBP-2

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Sat Feb 8 19:17:06 PST 1997

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Several documents have been posted to the T10 FTP site,
ftp.symbios.com:/pub/standards/io/x3t10/documents.97, in preparation for the
SBP-2 ad hoc Working Group meeting next Wednesday and Thursday in Bothell,
WA. They are:

   97-128R1    Transport Status for SBP-2
   97-mmmR0    REQUEST ABORTED Response Status in SBP-2
   97-nnnR0    Unsolicited Status Handshake in SBP-2

The documents are in Acrobat 3.0 PDF format; if you have an earlier version
of the Acrobat reader please download a current copy from Adobe's web site,

I will not have printed copy of these documents with me at the meeting in


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