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<< We have a few questions about SBP.
 Does SBP-2 supercede SBP?  Has anyone implemented SBP?  Does SBP-2 redirect
 SBP development efforts? What was the rationale behind SBP-2 and why wasn't
 SBP just upgraded to a new revision to reflect the changes introduced in


I will try to answer your questions as best I can. Keep in mind that these
answers are my opinion. John Lohmeyer, T10 Chair, may be able to answer some
of your questions on a more official basis.

It's my understanding that SBP-2 does supercede SBP, just as SCSI-2
superceded SCSI.

Other than some prototype work shown at Comdex in 1993, to the best of my
knowledge no one has implemented SBP.

SBP-2 is enough different from SBP that "...redirect..." may not be the best
choice of words. You and other vendors have to decide on a case-by-case basis
if SBP is applicable to your needs. SBP is, I believe, an approved ANSI
standard. In my personal opinion, contemporary development efforts can make
better use of SBP-2 than of SBP. There is wide-spread support for SBP-2.

The rationale behind SBP-2 was that much more was understood about 1394 at
the time SBP-2 was undertaken. SBP-2 builds very directly uon SBP, despite
the significant differences. As for your last question, "Why wasn't SBP just
upgraded to a new revision to reflect the changes introduced in SBP-2?" I
don't believe I understand it. In a sense that is exactly what SBP-2 is.

I hope this is of some assistance to you.

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