Persistent Reserve register action with common reservation key

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Wed Dec 24 14:59:47 PST 1997

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Persistent reservations have been expanded to explicitly allow different
initiators to register the same reservation key. This has the effect of
allowing one initiator to get the same access rights as another initiator.
What should happen when one of the initiators registers a new reservation
key when there is an active reservation for that key?

The existing document wording says that the reservation transfers to the
new key, but this leaves the other initiator that thought it had an active
reservation with RESERVATION CONFLICT. Should this really be allowed?

It also brings up the point of whether an initiator that doesn't have any
reservation should be allowed to register a new reservation key that is the
same as a key that has an active reservation. This effectively allows
anyone to become the reservation owner whenever they want to. Should this
be allowed?

Perhaps the "register" service action should be changed to:
(a) not permit a new initiator to register with a key that currently has an
active reservation,
(b) if an initiator has an active reservation and changes its reservation
key, the reservation doesn't transfer to the new key if another initiator
is registered with the same key.

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