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The next Reduced Block Command (RBC) working group meeting will be held 
February 9 and 10 at the University Park Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT, hosted 
by Iomega. A block of rooms has been set aside for Sunday, Monday, and 
Tuesday nights at $105.00 per night under the name Iomega. Reservations 
need to be made with the hotel before January 14 to take advantage of this 
rate. For reservations call 1-800-637-4390 or 1-801-581-1000.

The preliminary agenda for Feb 9 follows. Feb 10 will be a joint meeting 
with the MMC-2 working group.

T10 RBC Ad hoc

February 9-10, 1998

1. Opening remarks

2. Agenda

3. Review of minutes [T10/97-270R0] and old action items

4. Tailgate document [T13/1248D] status

5. SBP-2 [T10/1155D] status

6. Reduced Block Commands [T10/97-260R1]
	6.1 Power management
	6.2 Start/Stop unit
	6.3 Read protect
	6.4 Editorial review

7. Review of action items

8. Call for patents

9. Meeting schedule

10. February 10 - joint meeting with MMC-2

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