FW: UK comments on ISO/CD 14561 - Implementation of SCSI-2 for scanners

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All and especially John. Do we want to submit an emergency comment to the JTC 1 
TAG? (Emergency in the sense that the deadline will be past before some of you 
see this.)

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Subject: FW: UK comments on ISO/CD 14561 - Implementation of SCSI-2 for scanners

Gene, Juergen,

This is one of the standards I mentioned in Brazil where extracts from 
SCSI are being used in other standards. On this one, the comment date 
of 1 September has crept up on me so I have quickly put together the 
following comments on behalf of the UK.

The secretariat for ISO TC171 SC2 (Document Imaging Applications) is 
(actually it is the Association for Information and Image Management 
International in Silver Spring in the US, tel: 301 587 8202 email: 
jflanagan at aiim.org)

Any comments? Have you seen this via your own NBs?

Gene, thanks for comments on WG4 minutes. Agree with them all apart 
|from the fact that it is 'von Pattay', not 'van Pattey'.


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Subject:  UK comments on ISO/CD 14561 - Implementation of SCSI-2 for 


I have now reviewed ISO/CD 14561 as requested.

On close examination, the CD is virtually an exact subset of ISO/IEC 
9316. What ISO/TC 171 SC 2 have done is extract the cabling and 
scanner specific portions of ISO/IEC 9316 and use it for their own 
sector specific SCSI standard.
(ISO/IEC 9316 contains a number of sub-sections covering scanners, 
CD-ROMs, printer devices, direct access devices etc.)

Whilst there is some sense in this approach (not duplicating work, 
using a part of a stable standard, having their own 50 page document 
instead of the 450 page SCSI standard etc.), the approach is 
fundamentally flawed.

If any changes were made to ISO/IEC 9316, then these would not be 
reflected in ISO 14561. This could lead, at worst case scenarios, to 
an ISO 14561 compliant scanner not being able to function correctly 
when connected to an updated/revised/amended ISO/IEC 9316 compliant 

My recommendation is that the UK vote is 'No', with the following 

General comment.
The U.K. is concerned about the fundamentally flawed approach taken in 
the generation of this standard. By extracting parts of ISO/IEC 9316 
to generate ISO/CD 14561, there is no mechanism available to ensure 
the continued harmony of these two standards, for example, if any 
changes were made to ISO/IEC 9316 then this could mean that the two 
standards have diverged, and this type of conflict must be avoided.

Editorial comment.
Page 3, Section 4.1 Physical description. Second sentence.
Add word so it reads "Both ends OF the cable are terminated"

I do not know if there are any mechanisms for getting around this. It 
would not be sensible or cost effective to break down ISO/IEC 9316 
into several parts to address individual sectorial requirements (which 
they cover already as one document).
Knowing the reasons why ISO/TC 171 took this approach may lend itself 
to supplying a solution.

Hope this helps,


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