Agenda for SBP-2 working group - Sept.

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Reminder - The next SBP-2 working group meeting and SBP-2 Device 
Attachment meeting is Sept. 8-9 in Nashua during T10 plenary week. The 
agenda follows.

Also, there will be a joint meeting with SBP-2, MMC-2, and SCSI-3 working 
groups Wednesday morning, Sept. 10. To my knowledge, there are two 
specific items to be discussed at the joint meeting

1. Both MMC devices and devices attaching via SBP-2 use commands defined 
in SPC and SBC. However, some fields are not used and/or used differently. 
Do we modify the commands definitions in SPC and SBC to reflect this? Do 
MMC and SBP-2 Device Attachment define the differences? Etc.?

2. Since these commands are slightly different, are new device types 
assigned to show this? Is this shown in some other way? Etc.?


X3T10 SBP-2 Ad hoc
SBP-2 Device Attachment Ad hoc
September 8-9, 1997

1. Opening remarks

2. Charter

3. Agenda

4. Review of minutes [T10/97-233R0] and old 
            action items

5. Tailgate document [T13/1248D] status

6. SBP-2 [T10/1155D]
6.1 Review Isochronous issues
6.2 Printer issues
6.3 Review of STS annexes
6.4 Editorial review

7. Mass Storage Device Profile
6.1 Review project proposal
6.2 Power-up issues 
6.3 Review of changes in new revision
6.4 Editorial review

8. Review of action items

9. Call for patents

10. Meeting schedule

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