Class 2 error protocol suitable for release to PLDA-2 worklist?

Douglas Hagerman Hagerman at
Mon Aug 25 13:14:35 PDT 1997

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As mentioned at the FCL Error SSWG teleconference last Tuesday, the
current draft of the Class 2 error handling proposal currently has "no
known problems". This is document T10/97-184R3.TXT which was mailed
to this reflector last week.

I just talked to Jim McGrath and he says that we should review it at
the next teleconference, which will be next Tuesday (not tomorrow), September 2.

Assuming that no problems are discovered at that time, I propose that
this text and process be added to the worklist for PLDA-2, as "here's
how to do Class 2, if you choose to use Class 2". My understanding is
that this worklist will become active when the PLDA text becomes stable.

In order to make this possible, I would encourage reviewers to comment
on the current text...


Doug Hagerman
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