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    Hi all-

    I am having a little trouble understanding a detail within the SPC
    regarding informational exceptions.

    In revision 11a of SPC, section 8.3.6 (Informational exceptions
    control page), the first paragraph states:

       "This page shall only apply to informational exceptions that
        report an additional sense code of FAILURE PREDICTION THRESHOLD
        EXCEEDED or WARNING to the application client."

    But in Table 103, which lists the methods of reporting an informational
    exception, nearly every value for the MRIE field states:

       "... and the addtional sense code shall indicate the cause of
        the informational exception condition."

    So, is the additional sense code really limited to FAILURE PREDICTION
    THRESHOLD EXCEEDED and WARNING, or is there a wider range of values

    I have some old mail in which Gene Milligan (Seagate) asks a similar
    question, but I don't know how he was answered.

    Jim Doucette
    Digital Equipment Corp.
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