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While I would like to believe that well designed FC systems won't
see bit errors, any 10 minute discussion with a knowledgeable member
of, for example, the jitter working group, will convince one otherwise.
Therefore I would maintain that Ed's comment to the contrary is without
basis. There will be bit errors, all denials to the contrary.

Re determining the class to use in the case of SCC, several people have
pointed out to me that the supported classes are reported in the login
process. The difficulty is that, until one gets INQUIRY data back from
the device, one does not know what SCSI device model it is using.
Therefore, as I understand it, an SCC device would (if both classes
are in use) report that it supports both classes. Using which class,
then, does the initiator send the INQUIRY command to, say, LUN 3?

I'll endeavor to put together a pair of proposals for this (one
per class) to attempt to get the discussion more grounded.

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