Asymmetric Drivers in SPI-2

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Thu Apr 17 13:06:07 PDT 1997

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Unfortunatly, due to scheduling conflicts, IBM will not have anyone in
attendance at the April 18th SPI-2 meeting.  We should, however, have
people at the May 5th meeting.  As a result of this I would like to
make IBMs current position clear.

IBM believes that the asymectic drivers, as specified in SPI-2 rev 11 work
in Ultra-2 applications and IBM has no desire to switch I/O designs at this

When and if Ultra-3 requires further changes to make it work then we will
make those changes.  And IBM believes there will be changes required to
make Ultra-3 work that go beyond the issue of asymetric vs symetric

In summary IBM does not want to delay Ultra-2 because, even it we did
change to symectric drivers, Ultra-3 would still require further modifications
to make it work. So, unless someone can show that Ultra-2 is broken,
we do want to go backwards.

Bye for now,
George Penokie

PS Anyone who thinks we are taking this position to cause Ultra-3 to
not work because we want serial to take over the world or some other
such nonsense should look at the name of the person sending this note.
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