SCSI - Book, Chapter, & Verse

Tue Apr 1 04:46:48 PST 1997

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On the first day, Sugart Associates created SASI.
And, it was good and it made much sassy noise.

On the second day, The Committee created SCSI
|from the rib (and other parts) of SASI.
And, it was bitch'n, in a scuzzy kind of way.

On the third day, The Committee created CCS.
And, it was small.  And, the darkness grew around it.

On the fourth day, The Committee created SCSI-2
|from the SCSI and the CCS.
And, the forests were killed,
|from sea to to shining sea, 
to print it.
But, it still was bitch'n and scuzzy.

On the fifth day, The Committee created international SCSI-2.
And, it was many times fixed from ordinary SCSI-2.
And, it was swavie and deboner and bitch'n and scuzzy.

On the sixth day, The Committee created SCSI-3.
And, The Committee created SCSI-3 commands.
And, The Committee created SCSI-3 protocols.
And, The Committee created SCSI-3 for Fibre Channel
And, The Committee created SCSI-3 for IEEE 1394.
And, The Committee created the Dallas Cowboy Chearleaders.
Oops, The Committee didn't do that 
(but they wish they did).

On the seventh day, The Committee left town,
which they did frequently anyway.
And, it was the bitch'n.
And, they were scuzzy.
And, the hotel managers rejoiced.
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