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This morning I opened my email and found your message along with a   
complaint about your message being posted to the SCSI reflector.  The   
complaint states that your posting violates the editorial policies of the   
SCSI Reflector, which are: carry disscussions of SCSI technical issues and to distribute SCSI   
standards-related information (minutes, meeting notices, etc.).  The SCSI   
reflector is not intended to carry commercial traffic.

Strictly speaking, the complaint is correct.  The conundrum I face is   
that this message, while blatantly commercial, dances on the edge of what   
I am trying to avoid.  I do not want a flood of product announcements   
(there are sooo many SCSI products), which is why we have this editorial   
policy.  Also, people get particularly annoyed by the job recruitment   
postings we get here from time to time.

Your message fits into a different catagory that we have not previously   
addressed: solicitation for SCSI Trade Association membership.  STA's   
purpose is to promote the growth of SCSI technology.  The people   
subscribed to this reflector (about 650) certainly should not object to   
STA's goals even if they choose to not join STA.

Therefore, my inclination is to allow infrequent and discreet postings   
|from STA.  I should quickly point out:

1) The subscribers to the SCSI reflector are mostly technical people.   
 Solicitations for STA membership on the SCSI reflector may reach the   
wrong people.
2) STA already has a reflector for its membership, which it uses   
extensively.  Solicitations for membership here would be pointless --   
these people are already STA members.

Rather than spend more reflector bandwidth on this topic, I'd like to   
request that those who have additional comments, send them directly to me   
(john.lohmeyer at  I'll post a summary to the reflector.

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