Write incompatibility

PAT LaVarre LAVARRE at iomega.com
Wed Sep 25 14:11:34 PDT 1996

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Field examples, anyone?

Iomega Bernoulli drives (removal,
random-access, disk) reject commands sent to
unsupported media via (SK ASC ASCQ) = (x2
x30 x00).

They reject commands sent to read-only media
via (x7 x30 x00), no matter whether the
media is read-only because the user flipped
a switch or because the drive's firmware
revision does not support writes to the
format a piece of media has.

Even a x00 test unit ready fails via (x2 x30
x00) if an unsupported media format has been
inserted & spun up.  x00 test unit ready
passes (returning x00 good status) if a
read-only piece of media has been inserted &
spun up.

Pat LaVarre

P.S. An example of unsupported media is a
230MB cartridge inserted in a 90MB drive. 
The reverse, (if I remember correctly, if
not, I imagine you get the idea anyhow) is
an example of media that is read-only
because the drive does not support writes to
that format.

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