Ignore Wide Residue message

Brian A Berg bberg at bswd.com
Fri Sep 20 13:46:39 PDT 1996

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John Lohmeyer:  Thanks for your input re: the IGNORE WIDE RESIDUE message.

With regard to my comment on needing this message for determing the size
of a recrod written to tape, I now remember that it was the low-level
driver running under my higher level driver that relied on this message
as opposed to my code.  Indeed I used the Illegal Length Indicator (ILI)
and residue in the Info bytes field of the subsequent Sense Data to determine
the tape's block size (which you indicated to be the best method).

Looks like it's time for me to re-read some of SCSI-2's Chapter 6.  Thanks
again.  Brian Berg
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