FDD SCSI Definition Error

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    > Are there any SCSI FDD implementors that know what FDD drives 
    > actually did?

    Digital Equipment Corporation, with Design Analysis Associates, built a
    couple of SCSI-FDI adapter cards for use in our VAXstations and
    TURBOchannel-based Alpha workstations.

    It appears that you're referring to the Flexible Disk Page (page code
    5), and the Pin 4 field in byte 27, bits 7:4.

    We used a value of 0000b to indicate that pin 4 was open and not used
    by the controller.  In hindsight, I suspect we noticed the error in the
    table (this was from draft specs), and decided to do the right thing. 
    It helps that we controlled the drivers in the operating systems used
    on those machines (OpenVMS and Digital UNIX), so everybody used the
    same convention.

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